Student Guide
  • It is permissible, if approved by the faculty board and after presenting the case to the committee of students’ affairs, to suspend the registration of the student upon his/her request. The student then retains the grades that he/she obtained before the suspension of registration if he/she submits a compelling excuse that prevents him/her from attendance and that is accepted by the faculty board.
  • A maximum period of eight (8) weeks from the start date of the study in the term in which registration is required to be suspended. Therefore, if the excuse is submitted after the expiration of the aforementioned eight-week period, the student's registration must not be suspended.
  • The period of registration suspension must not exceed two consecutive terms or four separate terms throughout the whole period of the student’s study.
  • If the absence excuse provided by the student is not accepted, the student shall be considered as having failed in all the courses of the term.
  • The student is dismissed from the faculty if he/she is absent for four consecutive terms.