Student Welfare - Student Union

Student Welfare - Student Union

The Student Welfare together with the Student Union conducts various student activities through the committees of the Student Union.

First: Formation of the Student Union:

The Student Union of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is composed of students who have  already paid for the additional services while international students have the right to practice aspects of the union’s activities without having the right to vote or run for office.

 Second: Objectives of the Union:

The Student Union aims to develop spiritual and moral values ​​and patriotic and national awareness among students, accustom them to leadership, provide them with the opportunity to express their opinions, spread the sound university spirit among students, and strengthen ties between students and the faculty and staff members.

Third: Committees of the Student Union:

The Student Union Council of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences aims to achieve the union’s objectives through the following committees:

  1. Committee of Sports Activity:

This activity aims to spread sportsmanship among students, encourage talents and work on developing them through the following:

  • Team games: (handball - football - volleyball - basketball)
  • Individual games: (table tennis - swimming - wrestling - karate)
  • Participation in the competition held by the Egyptian University Sports Federation  and the activities organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


  1. Committee of Cultural Activity:

This activity aims to improve students’ thinking and culture, develop talents in the cultural and literary fields, and connect youth with community issues through the following:

  • Hosting influential thinkers, politicians, and men of science and religion.
  • Issuing a literary magazine and a cultural one
  • Holding a competition for wall magazines, seminars and a competition for memorizing the Noble Qur’an.


  1. Committee of Art Activity:

It aims to develop creative abilities in line with noble purposes, while providing opportunities to highlight talents, encouraging artistic activities and hobbies and supporting them through the following:

  • Music
  • Folk arts
  • Individual and group singing competitions
  • Acting
  • Fine Arts
  • Tailoring and handicrafts.


  1. Committee of Scouts and Public Service:

It aims at organizing the activities of the scouts and guidance movement in accordance with its principles and implementing environmental service programs decided by the Faculty Board in a way that contributes to the development of society and to the national public service projects required by the needs of the country. In addition, it aims at participating in the activities organized by the Association of Naval and Air Scouts for students (male/female).

  1. Committee for Social Activity and Trips:

This activity aims to spread the spirit of community and cooperation and to develop social ties between students, faculty members and employees by all appropriate means through the following:

  • Organizing social and recreational trips and camps
  • Organizing competitions for the ideal student - chess competition
  • Organizing blood donation campaigns as a national goal
  • Providing social services through legitimate channels
  • Participating in reducing study expenses according to the rules (except for new students)


  1. Committee of Families:

This activity aims at the participation of the largest number of students in the various activities through the Student Families that have been previously registered by the specialist in the department of Student Welfare to obtain the approval of the family leader and the youth leader in order to implement the activity so that coordination between the activity of different families is established and their activity is supported.

  1. Committee of Scientific and Technological Activity:

It is specialized in holding scientific seminars and lectures with the aim of developing scientific and technological capabilities and spreading through science clubs and scientific societies.

  1. Other activities:

The activities carried out by The Student Welfare through supervision and organization are

  • Graduation Day
  • Alumni (Graduates) Day Forum
  • Simulation models