Graduate Affairs Division

Graduate Affairs Division:



The Graduate Affairs Division is the first step in which the graduate begins his/her professional life and orientation to the labor market.



The objectives of Graduate Affairs Division are summarized in assisting the Faculty graduates to complete their graduation papers, which are represented in issuing the temporary certificate, graduation certificates, and transcripts as a step to meet the needs of  the Faculty graduates to complete papers of recruitment  or postgraduate studies or for reasons of travel or conscription.



The Graduate Affairs Division is located in the first floor in the premises of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences


Services, Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Preparing leaving and clearance documents for graduates.
  2. Receiving and archiving the Faculty results, preparing records and classifying them according to years and specialization.
  3. Preparing temporary graduation certificates and accrediting them by the competent authority.
  4. Preparing permanent graduation certificates.
  5. Preparing certificates of data validity.
  6. Responding to correspondences from external bodies.
  7. Preparing the required statistics for graduates and submitting them to the relevant departments of the Academy or to the external bodies entrusted with this regard.



Types of certificates that the divisions prepares:

  1. An Arabic graduation certificate for equivalency from the Supreme Council of Universities
  2. Arabic Transcript
  3. English Transcript


Steps to obtain the graduation certificate:

  1. Filling in the clearance form (for new students).
  2. Complete the application for certificates.
  3. Personal photos of the number of certificates to be issued.
  4. 7 days is the period of preparing and receiving the certificate.


The organizational structure of the Graduate Affairs Division:

Ms. Hend Hosny Mahmoud, Director-General.

Mr.Amr El-Hawary, Member

Mr. Mohamed Magdy, Member



Sadat Academy- Graduates Association


The idea of this association started from the need that officials in the Academy felt for an association that values ​​the graduates’ pioneering role in building society,  activates the academy’s partnership with the economic and social environment, and enhances the spirit of belonging and communication among themselves and with their institution.


This association provides graduates of the Academy with a number of job opportunities available in the public and private sectors. It also allows them to pursue their higher studies, the possibility of continuous training and to contribute effectively in determining the nature of the labor market's needs for education programs. The association also enables graduates to attend various events held by the Academy and to participate in the graduate committees.

It is worth noting that every graduate of the Sadat Academy for Management Sciences is automatically a member of the association and has the right to benefit from the various services and benefits provided by the Academy.


Certificates Verification


In order to verify the certificate issued by Sadat Academy for graduates

kindly, contact through email: