Software Engineering Department

The software engineering specialization began to be applied as an independent field in its own right more than a quarter of a century ago. Originally the term software engineering was used to reflect the application of traditional ideas associated with engineering disciplines to the problem of software building and development. Accordingly, this scientific field is related to the development of software systems in an efficient and reliable manner, and working to provide them on a large scale and their continuous maintenance. The field of software engineering has developed, in the modern era, In response to the increasing importance of software for different applications of a critical nature, and the growth of the impact of large and complex software systems with high cost in many situations. Software engineering as a scientific field in its own right is completely different from the fields of scientific engineering because of the imperceptible nature of software and its unrelated nature as well. Accordingly, the scientific field of software engineering includes a wide range of needs for software expertise, and the main purpose of this specialization is related to the development of systematic models and reliable methods for producing high-quality software, and the field extends from theory and principles to application and actual daily practice.

The Software Engineering Department includes the following areas:

Fundamentals of software engineering - Fundamentals of software requirements - Requirements description and validation - Fundamentals of software design - Software architecture and architecture - Software quality design and analysis - Fundamentals of software construction - Software testing - Fundamentals of software maintenance - Software component management - Software engineering management - Software engineering economics - Software project management - software engineering process - software engineering tools and methods - software quality management - research topics in software engineering - graduation project.