Information Systems Department

The field of information systems includes concepts, principles and processes that represent one of the main activities in modern organizations. This growing field is related to the development, operation and evolution of infrastructure and systems for use in the many and diverse operations of the organization in terms of developing systems that provide information and communication services in the organization and work on, operate and maintain, that is, information systems work to take into account the dimensions of each of the technical components Developers, operators and users together. Accordingly, information systems attract their inputs of data, information and knowledge, store and process them, and extend their outputs and deliver them to employees and decision makers in the organization. Thus, the function of information systems in any organization is considered a great responsibility associated with planning, supplying or developing, implementing and managing the information technology infrastructure (computers, software and communications),

As well as data and information balances, whether from inside or outside the organization, and working to process them electronically in the organization. The information systems major contributes substantially to a wide range of fields that are included in all or most business organizations and government departments of all kinds and orientations. Information systems act as a catalyst in the technological development of various organizations, making them closely linked to the fundamentals of business, communication, technology and analytical thinking.

The Department of Information Systems includes the following scientific disciplines:


Fundamentals of information systems - Analysis and design of information systems - Physical design and implementation of information systems - Methodologies for developing information systems - E-business strategy, architecture and design - Integrated information systems - Information systems architectures - Expert systems - Knowledge base systems - Management information systems - Business information systems - Systems Geographical information - multimedia information systems - distributed information systems - intelligent information systems - database systems - object databases - distributed databases - economics of information systems - Information systems development methodologies - Information systems applications programming - Quality assurance of software and information systems - Information systems applications in various fields - E-commerce - International Internet network information systems - Decision-making support systems - Fundamentals and concepts of systems science - Information systems project management - Systems quality assurance Information - Selected Research Topics in Information Systems - Graduation Project