Elective Courses

Elective Courses:


Elective Course


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Introduction to literary criticism



Women's issues at work



Language culture



International organizations



Corporate communication



Introduction to psychiatry



Contemporary political and

economic issues



Arabizing issues and problems




Description of Elective Courses


·Contemporary Political and Economic Issues (POL42)

This course aims to introduce contemporary political issues in the world and present many political concepts such as democracy, sustainability, the role of pressure groups and other important political and social issues.


  • Prerequisite: None


·Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH42)

This course aims to provide the student with basic information about psychology in terms of its definition, its main topics, and its theoretical and applied branches. The course includes several topics, including cognition, learning, motivation and behavior, and so on.


  • Prerequisite: None


·International Organizations (PLP41)

This course sheds light on international organizations and their establishment, objectives, specification, different types, and the conditions for membership. It also focuses on the links that exist between international organizations and between these organizations and different countries.


  • Prerequisite: None

·Women's Issues at Work (SOC32)

This course introduces the concept of gender and its impact on women at work around the world, with a special emphasis on Egypt, the Arab world, and Africa. The course also tries to build a relationship between gender and other factors such as poverty, illiteracy, and disease.


  • Prerequisite: None


·Introduction to Literary Criticism (LIT32)

This course introduces students to the major schools of criticism and literary analysis, with a focus on modern critical trends. It also deals with the main terms and trends of literary criticism, with special emphasis on the aspect of literary criticism through training students to analyze texts belonging to different literary genres and to deal with such texts.


  • Prerequisite: None


·Corporate communication (MNGM 41)

This course combines theory and practice and presents communication theories and methods of their application in companies.


  • Prerequisite: None


·Language and Culture (CULT32)

This course introduces students to some important aspects of the language culture and different social and cultural patterns (such as traditions of wedding, festivals, etiquette, etc). The course also sheds light on the specific characteristics of the language culture, methods of non-verbal communication, and proverbs in the language culture.

  • Prerequisite: None


§Arabizing Issues and Problems (ARAB42)

This course introduces students to the concept of arabizing and the development of this concept. The course also discusses the cultural, linguistic, political, religious, scientific, economic, educational, and social dimensions and reasons for arabizing in the Arab world.