Study Plan

Obtaining a bachelor's degree requires that the student successfully pass (144) credit hours, which include general requirements, faculty requirements, in addition to the requirements of the major and minor majors.

According to the system of courses and credit hours, the student is given the opportunity to choose the courses he studies, and in a way that develops the student’s ability to think and assume educational responsibility by participating in selecting the subjects that fit his specialization and distributing them to each semester according to his abilities and inclinations with the help of the academic advisor.

The minimum number of credit hours in the regular academic semester (the study load) is (15) fifteen credit hours, and the upper limit of the study load in the regular semester may not exceed (21) Twenty-one credit hours.

A student may not register in the summer semester more than two courses (6 credit hours); however, with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty, the student may be allowed to register for no more than three courses if he/she has a cumulative GPA of no less than (3.7) points (excellent), enabling him to graduate at the end of the summer semester or with the approval of the Faculty Council.