1. Meeting the Egyptian labor market’s need with a graduate fluent in communicating different languages in various management fields including:
    1. editing and translating legal texts,
    2. writing proposals, managing projects, negotiating and giving presentations in English,
    3. having full knowledge of multiple cultures, due to the existence of multinational and multilingual companies in the labor market at the present time
  1. Producing graduates capable of meeting the educational and professional requirements of translation companies that link the fields of language and technology with the field of subtitling films and series, (audio-visual translation), and translating websites and their applications;
  1. Keeping pace with the development witnessed by international universities in the field of applied linguistic studies;
  1. Preparing technical cadres of linguists, translators, interpreters, and researchers specialized in languages and specialized translation in management;
  1. Enhancing intercultural communication to serve the market labor locally, regionally, and internationally.